Atria is expanding onto the growing Swedish chicken market

Atria is expanding its operations onto the growing Swedish chicken market by buying Lagerbergs, one of the country's leading poultry companies. 

In Sweden, the popularity of Swedish-produced chicken is increasing steadily by more than five per cent annually. This acquisition will enable Atria to keep pace with this growth thanks to the well known and highly respected Familjen Lagerbergs brand, which belongs to Lagerberg i Norjeby, a company that has been operating in Southern Sweden for more than 50 years. The company controls the entire poultry chain: chicken rearing, slaughtering, butchering and processing, as well as sales to stores and professional kitchens. In addition to the chickens produced at its own rearing facilities, Lagerbergs has several contract producers located near its production plants.

In June – only a few months after the acquisition – Atria announced its intention to make significant investments in developing its chicken production in Sweden. Over a three-year period, Atria will invest EUR 14 million in developing and expanding its operations. The major modernisation programme will stretch from farms and rearing facilities to industrial production and onwards to consumers in the form of delicious Lagerbergs chicken products.