Finns are enthusiastic barbecuers

More than 90 per cent of Finns barbecue at least in the summer, and one in ten even does it in the winter, shows an extensive barbecue survey conducted by Atria in the spring. 

Most Finns associate barbecuing with summer holidays and sunshine. One in three of those who participated in Atria’s survey will only barbecue in fair weather. More than half of Finns use gas barbecues, on which they most often cook various sausages. These are savoured by 77 per cent of barbecuers. The second most popular food to barbecue is vegetables. Sausages and vegetables are followed by whole-meat products, pork and chicken. The most important qualities of barbecue foods are freshness, taste and origin. Around 75 per cent of households buy Atria’s barbecue products.


The best part of barbecuing is good food. One in four barbecuers, though, value a pleasant atmosphere and great company even more.