Sibylla on sale in more than 3,300 outlets

Sibylla products are an international success story: they are already sold in more than 3,300 outlets in countries around the Baltic Sea. 

Swedish brand’s ongoing success story

Sibylla joined the family of Atria brands in the late 1990s and is one of Sweden’s best-known brands. The first Sibylla hot dogs were brought to the market in Sweden in 1932.

In 2012, Sibylla products are enjoyed by people in Sweden, Finland, the Baltic countries, Russia and Poland – in more than 3,300 outlets. About a third of these are located in Sweden. Sibylla products are most often sold at petrol stations. In Sweden, Sibylla also has its own street kiosks.

The selection includes hamburgers, hot dogs, sausages, chips, meatballs, meat-filled pastries and kebabs, depending on the country and customer. Sibylla belongs to the Nordic Fast Food (NFF) chain, in which the majority shareholder is Atria Concept, an Atria Scandinavia subsidiary. Other owners are franchise entrepreneurs of the chain.