10th anniversary of 100 Young Chefs

The Atria 100 Young Chefs training programme celebrates its 10th anniversary. Over the years, the course has been attended by some 800 young people who love food – among them some of today’s top chefs.

Valued by top chefs 

The Atria 100 Young Chefs course is more than just cooking. It is a learning and training environment in which the participants also practise drawing up a successful business plan, learn about product development and discover their strengths.

Attendance is not limited to top chefs, although many young people who enter the programme have already gained some valuable experience. The course is immensely popular year after year, and not least because of distinguished lecturers. In the anniversary year, the programme was led by Aki Wahlman. 

The Finnish Gastronomic Society has awarded the Atria 100 Young Chefs programme a commendation for its efforts to promote Finnish food culture.