Major investments in workplace well-being

Atria’s Early Caring programme is among the most extensive workplace well-being projects in Finnish industry. The results are excellent.

Workplace well-being becomes an attitude 

Atria’s Early Caring programme, which has been running for three years, applies to all of the company’s 2,400 employees. It has increased the working capacity and well-being at work of the personnel as a whole, reduced absences due to sickness and accidents, and prevented early retirement. Early Caring is a new attitude adopted by the company.

“The project has yielded exceptionally good results in reducing sickness absences.  Work in the meat processing industry is repetitive and physically straining,” says Atria Finland’s leading occupational health physician Timo Kinnunen.

A new occupational health centre was opened at Atria’s Nurmo site as part of the programme, and it proved to be useful for promoting workplace well-being. The building provides modern premises for ten occupational health professionals. 


According to Senior OHS Physician Timo Kinnunen of Atria Finland, the new occupational health centre supports the operations of occupational health services and is an important investment in the development of well-being at work at Atria.