Farm of origin put on chicken packaging

Labels are attached to Atria Finland’s fillet product packaging displaying the name of the family farm that produced the meat.

Chicken from family farms

Consumers want to know where their food comes from. Knowledge of the origin increases consumers’ trust. Atria introduces farm of origin labelling in chicken products.  Consumers can access information online regarding the farm, quality control and animal welfare.

All of Atria’s chicken producers embrace Atria Family Farm labelling.

“Chicken farming provides a livelihood for normal Finnish families. Every chicken comes from someone’s farm. We also hope to show Atria’s domestic production in a positive light,” says Mari Penttilä, farmer’s wife at Larvatalo farm.

    • One in five Finnish consumers are concerned about the ethics of meat production and animals’ rearing conditions.
    • 70% of Finns wish to receive more information on the origin of meat before making a decision to buy.
    • More than 60% wish to receive more information on production conditions and are interested in animal welfare.

Sources: MTT Agrifood Research Finland, National Consumer Research Centre. 2010. RISC attitude survey 2011.