Lönneberga has grown into a diverse family of products.

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A new home for Lönneberga products

Atria Scandinavia is making a concentrated effort to develop its operations and, among other measures, transfers the production of the valued Lönneberga products from Halmstad to the Malmö plant.

No compromises on quality

The greatest challenge in moving the production of meat products from one factory to another is ensuring the continuity of production and the quality of the products. Especially with a product family such as Lönneberga. Its roots go back to the 1930s, and it is one of Atria’s strongest brands in Sweden. All Lönneberga-branded products are of premium quality, and they are made from Swedish raw materials. 

Atria Scandinavia’s plant in Fosie, Malmö was built in 1977 and has about 200 employees. The plant is Atria’s second largest in Sweden, after Sköllersta. The Lönneberga brand was transferred to Atria in 2007 when it acquired Sardus.