Meat procurement concentrated in one company

Atria and the co-operatives Itikka, Lihakunta and Pohjanmaan Liha establish a joint company for meat procurement, A-Farmers Ltd. It becomes Finland’s leading meat supplier. 

A-Farmers purchases a third of the country’s meat production

In the early 2000s, annual meat production in Finland totals about 340 million kilograms.  More than a third of this is purchased by A-Farmers Ltd, a new company founded by Atria, Itikka, Lihakunta and Pohjanmaan Liha in 2001. The company becomes the country’s leading meat supplier.

Before the new company was set up, the co-operatives were responsible for Atria’s meat procurement, producer guidance, services (e.g. animal trading and transport) and health care. A-Farmers improves the opportunities of the entire Atria meat chain in the increasingly global competitive environment. 


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