Modern pork line completed in Nurmo

The building of Itikka’s pork line in Nurmo takes one and a half years. The result is a cutting-edge production unit with an annual throughput of 300,000 pigs.

Efficient pig line built in the Nurmo meat village

At the end of January 1982, a commissioning inspection is carried out in Nurmo on the pig line unit of more than 100,000 cubic metres. 

The equipment is first tested by taking in a small number of slaughter animals. Everything goes well and the facility is up and running in no time. Slaughtering goes according to plan, the quality of carcasses is better than before and the new chilling technology reduces meat weight loss.

Large-scale cutting operations right next to the slaughterhouse prove to be a wise choice, and the cutting department’s daily quota of 1,000 pigs is reached faster than expected.

The investment makes it possible to work efficiently and reduce wastage. The millionth pig passes through the line in March 1985 and the two millionth in 1988.