Itikka acquires Maan Liha

The ownership of Kauhajoki-based Maan Liha is transferred to Itikka following a share transaction. Maan Liha has the most modern and efficient cattle slaughterhouse in the Nordic countries.

Basis for two separate slaughterhouses

At the time of the share transaction, in 1975, Maan Liha’s modern production facility in Kauhajoki measures 10,000 square metres. After Itikka’s fire, all slaughter operations are transferred to Kauhajoki. Even overloaded, the plant manages to perform all of its tasks. Itikka gains valuable experience of separating cattle and pig slaughter, and makes a far-reaching decision about two separate slaughterhouses.

 All beef processing is left for Maan Liha. Pork processing is first concentrated to Seinäjoki and later to Nurmo. Meat procurement in Itikka’s area of operation continues through two networks, Itikka and Maan Liha. The system is disputed, but it achieves approval when purchase prices and the purchasing policy are harmonised.


Bovine carcasses at the cold room of the company of Maan Liha.