Difficulties with reindeer meat

Lihakunta acquires Pohjolan Liha Oy, which operates in Rovaniemi and produces reindeer meat, among other products. Later, it is noticed that making a profit on reindeer meat is difficult.

Lapland gives and takes

The merger with Karjapohjola and the acquisition of Pohjolan Liha in 1975 turn Lihakunta into a major meat industry player geographically, but the results in the northernmost dimension are not impressive, at least not for reindeer products.

Nevertheless, reindeer farmed in Lapland is included in Lihakunta’s selection until the late 1980s. That is when Lihakunta establishes Poropolar Oy together with reindeer herding co-operatives.

Paavo Jauhiainen, Lihakunta’s colourful managing director, says later that Poropolar was never able to make money out of reindeer products. The processing of reindeer meat is one of the few mistakes made by Lihakunta over the course of its long history.