Chicken production begins in Seinäjoki

Growing demand creates a need for Itikka’s chicken production. After a cautious start, broiler houses are rapidly scaled up to the planned size.

Chicken becomes more popular

Chicken consumption begins to show signs of growth also in Finland in the early 1970s. Since chicken farming has already been started elsewhere, Itikka’s management decides that chicken production must be immediately set up in South Ostrobothnia.

The poultry slaughterhouse is remodelled and a new hatchery is built in Itikanmäki in 1970. Initially, broiler houses of 30,000 birds are planned, but it is then decided that units of 15,000 birds will be built that can later be increased if necessary.

Production is organised into two phases in separate laying houses and broiler houses. The next task is to find producers who are willing to invest in new production buildings and take the risk of engaging in an as-yet-unknown field of production.

Profitability estimates turn out to be accurate, and broiler houses that are half the size initially planned can soon be doubled. The operations grow rapidly, and the limit of two million kilograms is exceeded in 1977.