Atria brand is introduced

TV commercials contribute to the creation of the Atria brand. The brand is seen in Tuottajain Lihakeskuskunta’s advertisements.

From brand towards a Group name

TV programmes and commercials paid for by advertisers rapidly gain in popularity in Finland in the 1960s. They enable the inception of proper television service. When the broadcasting time is short, Finns also want to watch advertisements. New brands are needed for the new medium.

The brands of provincial co-operative slaughterhouses cannot be advertised on TV, which is why a joint brand must be created for the new marketing medium. The Atria brand is established in 1963 as the joint brand of Tuottajain Lihakeskuskunta (TLK), the central organisation of the co-operative slaughterhouses. 

Atria is granted exclusive right to the brand in 1991, when TLK is dismantled. The valued brand becomes the name of the entire Group in 1994.