Canned food factory is completed, but sales are low

The initial sales of canned foods prepared by Itikka are modest, since Finns want to buy fresh meat and sausage from shop counters. 

High hopes for the future

The last major investment of the post-war decade is the construction of Itikka’s canned food factory.

Canned food is expected to become as popular as in Sweden and America. The new equipment has a high production capacity that enables mass production. The plan is for the factory to produce not only canned meat and processed food but also products made from Finnish berries.

However, the sales of canned food do not grow as projected, since Finns’ consumption habits do not change in the expected direction. The shop network equipped with refrigeration devices guarantees the supply of fresh meat, sausage and processed food for consumers. 

In the years that follow, the premises of the canned food factory built in 1962 are gradually taken over by the production of sausage and processed food. It will be a while before canned food will conquer Finland.


The Armed Forces of Finland have used a lot of canned food made by Itikka.