Name changed to Lihakunta

The name of Lihakunta’s predecessor, Savo-Karjalan Osuusteurastamo, is felt to be unsuitable for a company that is increasingly engaging in industry and trade. The snappy ‘Lihakunta’ is chosen as the co-operative’s new name.

New factory, new name

When the new slaughterhouse in Likolahti, Kuopio, is finished, the construction of a meat product plant begins immediately. The “sausage factory” is completed in 1954.

When the new production plant is up and running, Savo-Karjalan Osuusteurastamo (SKO) comes to the conclusion that its name is outdated. It is considered that the name does not provide an accurate picture of the industrial enterprise. A new, short and snappy name is needed.

The name ‘Lihakunta’ is registered in September 1956. At the same time, the organisation is updated by adding a commercial department to the company’s management.