Itikka expands to meet growing demand for sausage and processed food

The range of foods bought by Finns broadens, leading to the expansion of the factory in Itikanmäki.

New space for processed foods

Itikka’s factory in Seinäjoki can no longer fully satisfy the demand for sausage, which has grown in the 1950s. More space is needed.

A new meat product plant is built on top of and next to the old factory. The plant is opened at the end of 1955, after the conversion of the premises on the ground floor for the use of the shipping room and the processed food factory.

The following year, sufficient space is allocated to expand the range of processed and convenience foods. Despite this, most of the production remains manual. Over the next ten years, the manufacturing volume triples.


The factory area of Itikanmäki in 1960. The expansion of the slaughtering house; still no roof to be seen.