Lairage is expanded and a poultry slaughterhouse is added to it

Industrial operations in Itikanmäki grow rapidly: the lairage is expanded and poultry slaughter is started. 

Living standards improve, meat consumption grows

When Itikka’s lairage is expanded in the 1950s, most of the slaughter animals are young calves, grass-fed calves and bull calves. Their meat rarely weighs more than one hundred kilograms. However, the conditions for meat production improve and Itikka’s growing share of procurement raises slaughter volumes every year.  The rising standard of living increases the consumption of meat products.

Itikka begins to slaughter chicken as early as the late 1940s. Chickens are collected for slaughter, which takes place at a corner of the pig slaughterhouse. There the birds are scalded in a tank of hot water and plucked on top of a rotating drum with rubber fingers.

Everything is done by hand until new machines enable production line slaughter at Itikka’s poultry slaughterhouse in 1953. The slaughter line built in the attic of the lairage has sufficient capacity to meet the needs of that time.


Poulty slaughtering was started at the productions lines.