Slaughterhouse industry is born in Likolahti

A new slaughterhouse is completed in Likolahti, Kuopio, giving rise to the concept of ‘slaughterhouse industry’.

Industrial area is constructed in Likolahti

Savo-Karjalan Osuusteurastamo’s (SKO) membership and animal procurement volumes grow significantly in the early 1950s. Old livestock shelters and warehouses have become major bottlenecks. It has even been necessary to slow the reception of cattle, since the processing facilities are too small. A new slaughterhouse is needed.

The new, large slaughterhouse is built in place of the old cattle and pig slaughterhouse and lairage in 1952. The building has three floors. The workflow has been redesigned: all shelters from lairage to the shipping room are now under the same roof. Where possible, manpower has been replaced by industrial processes.

The construction of a meat product plant begins immediately after the completion of the slaughterhouse.  The plant is completed in 1954. A destruction plant has been completed only a year earlier. The co-operative’s decision to build a new slaughterhouse almost entirely with debt was a bold one, since expansion projects in Joensuu, Varkaus and Nurmes were also under way around the same time.


View on Likolahti from the air in 1953. The expansion for the slaughtering house is getting the finishing touches.