Another topping off ceremony in Itikanmäki

Topping off ceremonies are an annual event in Itikanmäki. Expansions are set in motion when the demand for sausage grows at an accelerating pace.

Building on the other side of Vaasantie road

As sausage sales increase, the premises in Itikanmäki become too small and plans begin to be drafted for new expansions in the late 1940s. More land is acquired on the other side of Vaasantie road. Topping off ceremonies become an annual event in Itikanmäki.

The following are put into operation in 1950: the extension to the meat storerooms, cooling rooms, the first deep-freeze storerooms and modern office premises.

The plan for a new factory is approved at the beginning of 1954. Additional premises are built next to and on top of the old premises and completed in 1955. Brand new premises are allocated to the sausage factory upstairs, with separate rooms for cutting, manufacturing and cooking. Modern, large, efficient machines are purchased for each department.

The extension on the ground floor includes product storerooms and a shipping room, in which work is carried out in stages. The former sausage-making facilities are taken over by the processed food factory. When completed, the sausage factory even has 200 extra square metres, so there is room to grow.

The factory is preparing for a phase in which the Finnish population is taught to eat plenty of sausage for financial reasons. The retail price of sausage is reduced by 20 per cent. As compensation for this loss, producers receive government subsidies. The consumption of sausage grows by 20 per cent, so the extra space in the factory is soon filled with activity.