Area of operation expanded, name changed to Savo-Karjalan Osuusteurastamo

Kuopion Karjanmyyntiosuuskunta’s area of operation expands to North Karelia and the co-operative’s name is changed to Savo-Karjalan Osuusteurastamo (SKO).

New office, slaughterhouse and factory in Joensuu

Kuopion Karjanmyyntiosuuskunta’s (KKO) operations expand geographically when Karjakauppaosuuskunta Oiva, which has operated in Joensuu, North Karelia, falls into its hands.

Following the expansion, KKO establishes an office in Joensuu. A slaughterhouse and a meat processing plant are also built there right before the breakout of the Winter War with the Soviet Union. An office is also opened in Sortavala, Karelia, which was later ceded to the Soviet Union. 

In 1938, the co-operative’s name is changed to Savo-Karjalan Osuusteurastamo.  Just before the Winter War, the sales of processed meat exceed one million kilograms. Meat procurement surpasses three million kilograms.

During the Second World War, battles are fought in part of SKO’s business area. Meat production falls dramatically due to emergency slaughter, and meat products are rationed. SKO must perform an unpleasant task: meat requisitions.

During the war, both management and workers are pushed to their limits.

Nevertheless, they have strong faith in the future, and they already have their eyes set on Likolahti in Kuopio. The war, however, freezes all plans for several years.