Sausage factory completed in Itikanmäki

A new sausage factory is completed in Seinäjoki. The old factory starts to produce the predecessors of modern convenience foods, such as black pudding and liver casserole.

From a workshop to a factory

When the new premises of the sausage factory are completed in early 1937, it is stated with pride that they meet the strictest requirements. The factory has tiled walls and is mostly fitted with new machines, so the move from the old workshop means a huge step forward.

At one end of the working room is a cutting table where the meat is brought from behind the wall, from the meat storeroom. Boneless meat is salted and stored in the adjacent cooling room. At the northern wall of the room is an electric motor that generates power for a mincer, a cutter and other machines. Sausage is stuffed using water pressure and tied manually. There are separate cooking and smoking rooms.

Up until now, Itikka’s sausage has been prepared for 20 years in a small wooden building, where the production volume per day was only about 600 kilograms in the last year of operation.

The old factory has mainly served the village residents, and it continues to be used for production when the premises are converted into a shop kitchen. The term ‘convenience food’ does not yet exist, but ready-made foods are prepared at the old sausage factory. This is the first shop kitchen in Atria’s history, and it marks the beginning of Atria’s convenience food industry.