Itikka builds the first sausage factory in Seinäjoki

Plans for the further processing of meat are set in motion immediately when livestock sales co-operative Itikka moves to Seinäjoki. 

Brawn and sausage

Home slaughter involves the making of brawn, and the plan is to also include it in Itikka’s operations. Autumn slaughter days at local farms are filled with cooking, as brawn is jiggled for half a day, brought to a boil in a pan and baked in an oven.

In September 1915, Itikka’s Board of Directors decides to turn a sauna into a sausage-making facility and hire master sausage maker W. Sillgren from Seinäjoki as its employee.

Sausage-making in a purpose-built factory does not begin until 1917. Machines must be bought second-hand, since the country is at war and foreign trade has stopped. Approximately 28,000 kilograms of sausages and brawn is manufactured in 1920.

Paul Koch is employed as master sausage maker, and he brings with him the old German sausage-making tradition. Manufacturing volumes grow every year, which shows that Ostrobothnians have welcomed industrial sausage-making.