Lithells, for the love of good food

Lithells, for the love of good food

Oskar Lithell was an entrepreneurial man who set up a business in 1907 in a small basement room in Kumla, near Örebro in Sweden. His initial capital totalled 75 Swedish kronor, and the first investment was a manual mincer.

The operations grew fast and the shop moved from the basement to street level within the same building. The name of the shop was ‘Oskar Lithells Kött-, Fläsk- & Charkuteriaffär’ (Oskar Lithell’s Meat, Pork & Cold Cuts Shop). The shop quickly gained loyal customers.

The company soon specialised in sausage-making. The manufacturing of the famous Sibylla sausage began 25 years later and, before long, the company launched the Kumla sausage, a predecessor of the popular barbecue sausage. 

In 1956, the company expanded further and moved to the premises of an old dairy in Sköllersta, also close to Örebro. On the new premises, sausage-making was started on a larger scale, using modern methods, and finally the company grew into Sweden’s largest sausage factory. Today, Lithells continues to operate in Sköllersta.

The next significant development occurred in 1997, when Atria acquired Lithells. Atria continues to cherish Oskar Lithell’s traditions. Both Oskar Lithell and the Lithells owned by Atria share the same passion: a love of good food.