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Terms of use

Terms of use

In these terms of use, we inform you of the terms and conditions applicable to the material published via the online services owned and maintained by Atria Plc (Atria) and its subsidiaries, at www.atriagroup.com. The user accepts these terms of use by opening the online service’s Web site. Atria shall have the right to update these terms and to change the content of the Web sites without prior notification. The terms of use do not cover or have binding effect on the online services of our business partners.

Our online services are intended to be primarily used in Finland. These terms of use and the use of our Web sites are governed by Finnish law.

Copyright, trademarks, and other intellectual property rights
The visual appearance of our network services and the material published on the Web sites, such as pictures, text, software, and sounds, are property protected by Atria’s or our business partners’ trademark rights, copyrights, and/or other immaterial rights. Apart from separately mentioned exceptions, even partial copying, distribution, and storing of the Web site content is forbidden without Atria’s prior written consent. We reserve all rights to material published via these online services.

The material published on our Web sites may be viewed, browsed, and printed for the user’s own personal use. The material may not be used for commercial or unethical purposes. Reproductions or parts thereof may not be sold or distributed for a commercial purpose or be attached to other material or other online services. Separate terms of use may apply to individual documents contained in our online services; these are separately mentioned in connection with the relevant document.

The visitor is permitted to use company announcements and press releases, as well as content from the photo library, for journalistic purposes, provided that the source of the information is mentioned when it is used.

Responsibility for the content of the online services
The material contained in our online services is intended to provide useful information about Atria, our services, and our products. All information provided on our Web sites is intended only for informative purposes, and the information provided should not be understood as legal, commercial, medical, or investment advice.

It is Atria's aim that the information contained in these online services be up to date and accurate. However, Atria does not guarantee the accuracy or reliability of the information presented on the Web sites or accessed through them. We are not liable for the suitability of the information provided for the use intended by the visitor or for the results of actions undertaken on the basis of that information.

Atria’s online services may contain links to Web sites owned or maintained by third parties. Atria and its stakeholders are not liable for the content of the Web sites associated with these online services or for any damage incurred in connection with their use. Correspondingly, we are also not liable for the content of comments, cookbooks, or similar services including material sent by visitors. Atria has the right, but not the obligation, to remove material sent by our visitors from our online services, at its discretion. These terms and conditions do not, however, limit any rights under the statutory legislation of Finland.

Neither Atria nor its stakeholders shall be liable for the content of the Web sites associated with these online services or for any damage incurred in connection with their use. Atria shall not be liable for any direct or indirect damage caused by the services provided by it on its Web sites, or the interruption thereof.

As regards material sent to Atria, the sender shall be liable for ensuring that the material does not breach third parties' copyrights or other rights and that it is not contrary to the law, offensive, or otherwise unsuitable for publication. For example, any photographic or video material must have been photographed, filmed, or otherwise created by the sender personally. Otherwise, the sender must ensure before sending the material that he or she has been assigned all the copyrights to the material and that there has been consent for storage of the material. The sender of the material shall be liable for any costs and damages incurred by Atria because of the material sent.

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