Atria – Finnish food company with international presence

Atria is one of the leading meat and food companies in the Nordic countries, Russia and Estonia. The company is established in 1903 and is valued by its customers, personnel and owners. Our company's development and growth are based on excellent commercial expertise, efficient operations and an operating method that respects consistent, sustainable success.

Our main product, Good Food, leads to a better mood and sustainable value for all of our stakeholders. Our good food is responsibly and ethically produced, nutritious and safe. In 2018, our net sales exceeds EUR 1.44 billion and we employed approximately 4,460 meat and food experts in Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Russia and Estonia. Atria Plc's shares have been listed on Nasdaq Helsinki Ltd since 1991.


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Atria' first 113 years

Atria' first 113 years

Atria’s history – spanning 113 years from the founding of a local livestock sales co-operative to an international food company – is an inspiring growth story about food, people and traditions. And the story continues, with new developments every day. 

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