Atria – Finnish with international presence

Atria is a growing Finnish food company with an international presence. Its success is built on three pillars: food, people and traditions. Atria is one of the leading food companies in the Nordic countries, Russia and the Baltic region, with experience stretching over 110 years.

Atria’s net sales in 2016 exceeds EUR 1.35 billion, and it employed an average of 4,315 personnel. The Group is divided into four business areas: Atria Finland, Atria Scandinavia, Atria Russia and Atria Baltic. 

Atria’s customer groups are consumer goods retailers, Food Service customers and the food industry. Atria also has a Fast Food concept based on its own brands.  

Atria’s roots go back to 1903, when its oldest shareholding co-operative was founded. Atria Plc is listed on Nasdaq Helsinki. 


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Atria' first 113 years

Atria' first 113 years

Atria’s history – spanning 113 years from the founding of a local livestock sales co-operative to an international food company – is an inspiring growth story about food, people and traditions. And the story continues, with new developments every day. 

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