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Atria Communication Team

Atria is an international food company. We have factories in 5 countries and operations like exports and partnerships in more than 20 countries. Atria has four Business Areas: Atria Russia, Atria Finland, Atria Scandinavia and Atria Baltic. We have several cross border operations and communication is one of them.

“In each business area we have small communication organizations with 1 to 2 persons. When we started out our cooperation, the main goal was to share resources in our daily work. Later on we have expanded our collaboration to joint communicational and strategical projects”, says Hanne Kortesoja, Atria Group Communication and IR Manager.

”Atria has a common communication strategy and the main task for our team is to execute and update this strategy. We have defined areas of communication where we find obvious synergies and where we cooperate. In our annually updated communication plan we have concrete goals and actions. But sometimes we have to act quickly, eg. in case of crisis communication.”

Atria communication people have many roles at Atria. Each of them have both local and cross border roles.

“We work within a very exciting field! The importance of strategic communication is increasing along with the rapidly changing world, the new media landscape, and the digital development -  which gives us a huge amount of possibilities. But our work also includes preparedness for potential crisis. Sometimes you can predict them, other times they hit you unexpectedly. We also meet a lively and interesting food debate that we monitor daily. 

One very important area for the international communication team is Atrias corporate social responsibility (CSR), which is included in every step of Atria’s value chain. Our way of work with sustainability looks a bit different in each business area, but each year we publish a joint sustainability report with results, facts and stories from all countries. “, explains Sara Andersson, Atria Scandinavia Communication Manager.

“Atria's internal communication has an important role in implementing Atria's strategy in our daily work and in co-operation with our partners. Effective internal communication improves employee engagement and motivates the employees to work together to achieve the common strategic goals. AtriaNet is Atria Group's common intranet in Atria Finland, Atria Scandinavia, Atria Russia and in Atria Baltic. It is a new tool for sharing information in English easily and efficiently between Atria's different business areas. AtriaNet supports Group level internal communication, collaboration and information management with various internal stakeholders,” says Marja Latvatalo, Atria Finland Communication Specialist.

“In the past couple of years Atria communication team is strongly involved in the work on Way of Leading project. This project is all about people sharing their insights and beliefs, finding the ideas that unite them and discussing the new ways to improve their daily work in accordance to those principles. We are more than happy to provide all kinds of corporate media as platform for this communication – both in each country separately and cross-border. We believe that projects like this give many employees who would be otherwise “trapped” in their daily routine, a sense of being part of a large international company and community. The importance of such projects is hard to overestimate!”, argues Andrey Semenov, Atria Russia Communication Manager.

“Atria is public stock listed company and has to follow numerous regulations and norms related to communication. Our communication team plays a major role in producing and distributing financial information”, tells Hanne Kortesoja.