"This is a unique opportunity to have a great career inside Atria"

Interview of Lars Ohlin

"This is a unique opportunity to have a great career inside Atria"

This spring, Atria launches the Atria International Trainee Program for young professionals who want to build their career in sustainable food and business. The program is one of a kind since it covers the whole Atria Group with its five main business areas: Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Estonia and Russia. Lars Ohlin, head of Atria’s HR, answered a few questions about the program.


What is unique in the Atria International Trainee Program?
This program gives an opportunity to work in various countries and various functions. It gives a broad understanding of the complexity of modern business in an international context.

What does the training program consist of?
During the 18-month program working in different countries and functions is combined with week-long training seminars led by Aalto University. These seminars combine outside lectures by University experts in different fields and lectures by functional specialists and senior directors at Atria. The participants will individually also have a senior mentor from Atria to help guiding them during the program.

Who is a good candidate for a trainee?
We are primarily looking for people with a commercial background and interest; functions like sales, marketing, innovation and business controlling.

Why is Atria using trainee programs?
We run this program to attract high potential to Atria, thereby improving the long-term succession potential within the company. We need young and hungry people who are willing to work hard to become the senior leaders we will need in the future. We will need people with multifunctional and multicultural background to be able to navigate better than our competitors in the ever-changing business environment of tomorrow.

What are the benefits for the trainees?
For the right candidate this is a unique opportunity to have a great career inside Atria and to help building a stronger international company culture.