World's best steak comes from Atria!

Atria's Finnish grass-fed striploin has been awarded as "The World's Best Steak" in World Steak Challenge in London. Atria's Danish partner JN Meat International participated in the competition with Atria's beef products and won in total four of six categories.

 "We are really proud of this award! High quality and tasty beef is our passion", says John Sashi-Nielsen, the founder and owner of JN Meat International.

 "The quality of the product is generated on farms. It is affected by right feeding, clean feed and drinking water. Atria supplies us the world's purest and best raw material from Finnish farms", tells John Sashi-Nielsen.

 In total 22 countries and 35 different beef breeds participated in World Steak Challenge this year. Jury tells, that competition this year was high level and tight. Finnish beef was awarded as the best in the competition thanks to perfect tenderness, marbling and intense taste. Jury evaluated especially the taste, look, colour, marbling and fat trims.

 Today Atria supplies to JN Meat two times per week. JN Meat then picked up the best steaks to the competition. "We are really happy for the success. This is a great thing for us and our farmers. And for the whole Finland!", VP Esa Mäki from Atria rejoices.