Wind energy to Atria Nurmo Plant

Atria’s most important sustainability goal is to have a carbon-neutral food chain by 2035. To achieve this goal, Atria has launched a project to build a wind park. In May 2021, we told about plans to build a wind park of about 45 megawatts, which in practice means 7 windmills close to the Nurmo plant.

The preliminary cost estimate for the project is approximately EUR 45 million, and the electricity from the power plant would mainly be used by Atria. With steady production, the plant's annual capacity would be sufficient to fully cover the use of electricity at Atria's Nurmo production plant.

- Atria's vision is carbon-neutral food chain and we are moving towards the goal through concrete actions. Five years ago, we built Finland's largest solar park and now we are taking a big step towards the use of completely renewable energy. We are now building a concept that has not been done before in this scale in Finland, says Tapani Potka, Atria's SVP of Industrial Supply Chain.

Wind and sun power complement each other. The production volumes of wind power are relatively the highest in the winter, while solar energy is mostly collected during summer. The use of renewable energy is of great importance to Atria in order to achieve its carbon-free food chain goal. The construction project of a new poultry factory and the consequent increasing need for electricity have also been one of the triggers for the wind power project.

The wind park will be carried out by a separate company owned by Atria's producer cooperative Itikka cooperative, the wind power technology company Skarta Group and Atria.