Atria pig slaughterhouse is now Welfare Quality audited


Atria pig slaughterhouse is now Welfare Quality audited

Atria's pig slaughterhouse in Nurmo is the first Welfare Quality audited pig slaughterhouse in Finland.

The audit looked at

  • animal conditions
  • behavior
  • response to prevailing conditions

The metrics are based on international top-level research and provide information on the real experiences of animals. The results of feeding, barn, animal health and behavioural metrics were compared with international material and Atria’s overall result was in the category ‘good’ (Enhanced).


Welfare Quality® is objective measurement of well-being

Welfare Quality® is an animal welfare measurement system based on scientific research by international top researchers funded by the EU Commission. The aim is to promote animal welfare while improving the transparency of animal production. Welfare Quality® is also an internationally renowned quality label.

The objective of the Welfare Quality ® protocol is to define the welfare of farm animals with criteria for assessing the environment of animals. The focus is on indicators that describe the animals themselves. The aim is to get a picture of the actual effects of the environment, handling and treatment on the animal and how the animals react to them. In addition, the slaughterhouse’s ability to control animal flow and animal welfare requirements is assessed.


Ethical production from farms to slaughterhouse

Meat production requires that all those in the food chain stick to ethical standards. Atria's contract farmers are highly committed to provide the animals with excellent care and good living conditions. Animal welfare is also always considered both in transportation and production. The animal transportation is accomplished by skilled drivers and well-equipped vehicles and conditions in the slaughterhouse have been planned with animal welfare experts.

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