Finnish libraries start to lend out BBQ grills this summer

Finland’s praised library system reaches out to BBQ lovers

Finnish libraries start to lend out BBQ grills this summer

Finland, known widely as the happiest country in the world, is also known for its acclaimed library system with diverse rental services that include not only books but also tools, musical instruments and sports equipment. This summer, libraries around Finland start to lend out BBQ grills as gathering restrictions caused by the corona virus epidemic start slowly to ease.

Finns are widely known for keeping their distance and their passion for hockey as well as for living in the happiest country of the world. But what the world might not know, is that they are also very enthusiastic BBQ people. However, not everyone has a BBQ grill of their own, especially in urban areas, since many apartment buildings have prohibited BBQ grills in balconies.

Borrowing and renting are becoming increasingly popular around the world. The Finns, as a fast-urbanising nation, have in recent years accustomed to the fact that you don’t have to own everything. Finnish library system is famous for its high class and diverse services. Finnish libraries lend out also other things besides books, such as tools, board games, musical instruments and sports equipment.

To bring also BBQ grills available for everyone, Atria, one of the leading food companies in the Nordics, donates BBQ grills to libraries around Finland for people to take. The aim is to promote Finnish cuisine and make grilling accessible for everyone, also in crowded cities.

”People need joyful experiences this summer – and preferably in their own near environment. We wanted to enrich the food culture and urban culture. Not everyone has a BBQ grill of their own, especially those living in small apartments in urban areas. That’s why we were happy to give BBQ grills to libraries for people to take”, comments Marketing Manager Elina Vuolle from Atria.

One of the libraries that lend out BBQ grills is the library of Kallio, located in the Finnish capital Helsinki.

”We are delighted to have the opportunity to add BBQ grills in our repertory. What would be a more pleasant way to spend a summer day than enjoying a good read and delicious BBQ food”, says Chief Librarian Erna Marttila, working in the library of Kallio.

Available from the beginning of June

The BBQ grills donated by Atria can be borrowed from the libraries just like other items of occasional use, such as sports equipment and sewing machines. First BBQ grills can be borrowed from the 8th of June. The grill set includes the grill, a tote bag, a cleaning brush and the instructions and a safety manual. All grills can only be borrowed by someone of age.

Finland has many perfect spots for barbecuing – that’s likely why barbecue and the Finnish summer are inseparable.

“We hope that all the barbecuing enthusiasts find these BBQ grills from the libraries and can experience memorable BBQ moments this summer”, Vuolle concludes.