Our goal is a carbon-neutral food chain

Our goal is a carbon-neutral food chain

Atria invests in reducing food waste and in environmentally friendly packaging solutions

Good life and sustainable development need responsible food production. Plentiful natural resources and a clean environment are the foundation of Atria's operations. Atria wants to take care of our planet so that we will have tasty and safe food and water as well as clean nature also in the future.

Atria has set itself new strategic environmental targets where Atria commits to decrease the climate and environmental impacts of its operations in all its business phases. Atria will utilise natural resources and raw materials effectively and constantly develop new operating models to minimise wastage.

"Our ambitious goal is carbon-free food production. We reduce our carbon emissions and other environmental impacts not only in our own production but also throughout our food chain, from field to table. This means that we will have to identify all carbon emissions in our food chain and control and reduce our carbon footprint accordingly," explains Merja Leino, Atria Group Vice President in charge of corporate responsibility.

Reduction of food waste and environmentally friendly packaging solutions

One concrete project is the reduction of food waste through smart packaging solutions. The new environmentally friendly packaging innovations make consumers' lives easier. Plastic is part of environmentally friendly and responsible business operations both now and in the future. When used the right way, plastic packaging reduces climate impact, because plastic packaging improves the shelf-life of products, thus countering food waste.

Although the use of plastic has recently been questioned, plastic packaging is often the most ecological alternative in terms of environmental impact. In a report by the Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke), Senior Scientist Juha-Matti Katajajuuri states the following: "The environmental impact caused by food waste is far greater than that caused by the production and waste management of food packaging. For the sake of the environment, it is more important that the packaging protects the product well and that the packaging is easy to take to waste management and recycling – and that it actually ends up there."