Atria participates in an EU-funded export promotion project for the Chinese market Awareness of Finnish pork and poultry meat will be raised with EU funding in China

The European Union has provided almost EUR 3 million in funding for the promotion of agricultural products to carry out an export promotion campaign on the Chinese market. The financing will promote the export of pig and poultry meat. The project “European Pork and Poultry - Quality Meat, Happy People” is being implemented in cooperation with the food applicant Finfood – Finnish Food Information association and its member companies, HKScan and Atria, both of which currently export pork to China. In the case of poultry, the process related to export permits is ongoing.

– In this project, our goal is to make a campaign that will last for several years and is widely visible in the Chinese market. Atria has been exporting pork to China for several years, and this joint marketing effort will give us wider shoulders to further strengthen our Chinese exports, says Jani Vänskä, Atria's Export Manager.

The EU-funded communication campaign emphasizes the safety, traceability and good taste of responsibly produced and high-quality pork and poultry meat in the EU and Finland. The aim of the campaign is to raise consumer awareness of European pork and poultry products in China and to reach not only consumers but also food industry stakeholders. Its target groups are Chinese retail and commercial customers in both international and local companies in four major Chinese cities (Beijing, Shanghai, Zhengzhou, Chongqing).

– China is one of the most promising and attractive markets for growing EU agricultural exports. Finland has done good export promotion work in China and our campaign will continue this work,” says Anni-Mari Syväniemi, Executive Director of FinFood.

The campaign supports food exports to China

– Chinese consumers value Finnish pure, non-medicated pork. In the future, we hope to be able to offer poultry meat to Chinese consumers as well, says Jani Vänskä, Atria's export Manager.

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Export Manager Jani Vänskä, Atria Finland Ltd, tel. +358 44 980 8698.
Executive Director, Anni-Mari Syväniemi, FinFood association, tel. +358 50 5118909