Atria is pioneer in traceability

Atria is pioneer in traceability

Atria is pioneer in traceability

Atria Finland was the first company in its sector to introduce farm-level traceability for all types of meat: chicken, beef and pork products. Traceable Atria Family Farm fresh chicken products were launched in early 2012 in Finnish retail stores. At first, traceability information (name and location of the farm) was found on 21 consumer-packed fillet products.

In autumn 2013, Atria extended the Family Farm Chicken product range to wings and drumsticks, and also launched a traceable cooked nugget product – Atria Family Farm Chicken Fillet Nuggets. This was the first time that traceable convenience food was brought to the shelves. There are currently 42 fully traceable Atria Family Farm Chicken products available in retail stores and six products in the Food Service selection.

In beef products, full traceability is provided for three Kulinaari steak products. The farm of origin is also declared for some corn-fed pork tenderloin and sirloin products.

In May 2014, Atria Finland launched the first traceable cold cuts. This was pioneering even on an international scale. Information on the farm of origin can now be found on three ham and three chicken cold cuts.

"Atria has been a pioneer in traceability since 2012, when we launched our first farm-level marked Family Farm Chicken products in Finland. In recent years, we have invested in the production facilities to enable traceability in all types of meat and for small batches of meat. "says Esa Mäki, Vice President of Meat Export and Industry Sales in Atria Finland.

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