The safest meat.

The safest meat.

We track everything, right to the invidual farm

Our meat is traceable to the farm

Atria is proud of the provenance of it’s meat. For us, it is a proof for safe meat. The Atria brand guarantees that all of the pork, beef, chicken and turkey we sell comes from a Finnish farm. Products with a Family Farm label show the origin of the meat, right down to to the original farm.

Traceability also means safety. We know who has cared for the animals, how they have been fed, and if medication has been used at the farm.

No hormones or unnecessary medication

Medication is only used to treat sick animals. It’s never used for preventive or growth promoting purposes.



The Safe Atria Quality (SAQ) programme sets out a framework for product safety work, including operating methods and monitoring procedures. In addition to product safety, the programme covers healthiness, ease of use and environmental impact assessments throughout the life cycles of the products.

Taking care of quality and product safety is part of strategic management and day-to-day work at Atria.

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