Litter baths and the stress-free lives of chickens

Litter baths and the stress-free lives of chickens

Atria chickens benefit from such good living conditions, feed and general care, that we never need treat them with antibiotics. We also have zero tolerance for all salmonella serotypes.

This is made possible thanks to our high production standards.

Eating and drinking

Feed and water are always accessible

All in all out

Production is based on an ’all in all out’ principle. No harvesting is allowed

  • prevents animal diseases and zoonoses
  • amount of animals/m2 is lower than in harvesting farms

Free living

Chicken are free to walk around in open halls and to take baths in litter

Moisture-absorbent peat or sawdust is used as litter


Perches, balls and tassels


At least 6h night time is provided for birds


Controlled temperature, air conditioning and moisture in chicken houses

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