Premium meat from the most respected Finnish family farms

Premium meat from the most respected Finnish family farms

Produced with an uncompromised integrity

Meat from contract farmers

We offer our customers a wide variety of chicken, beef and pork products. We attach great importance to excellent meat quality and unique taste. Whether pork loin, roast beef or chicken breast, our meat should taste the way meat should taste. To achieve this, we combine the unmistakable landscape of Finland with its lush green meadows and clear lakes with good feed and animal husbandry that is more appropriate to the species. 

In addition to feeding, species-appropriate husbandry also affects the quality of the meat. Our pigs, chickens and cattle have plenty of room and space in the barns. This way we reduce stress and the animals are happy and satisfied. The species-appropriate husbandry is also a guarantee that the meat is juicy and tender, because with too much stress it becomes tough and is less able to hold the meat juice. We rarely use antibiotics and never hormones  - our animals grow up naturally and healthy. Finnish chicken is always antibiotic-free grown and also antibiotic-free grown pork is available.

Pig farms

Atria's pork chain encompasses approximately 350 contract producers and we procure approximately 40 per cent of all Finnish pork that is produced. Finnish Atria Sika (Atria Pork) farms are either specialised pig-production or pig-fattening farms, or combination piggeries where pigs are born and are fattened until they are ready for slaughter. Additionally, the Atria Sika chain contains 20 farms producing new animals. These farms breed new gilts – new sows and boars – for pork production farms. Pork production in Finland is mostly concentrated in the farming areas of western Finland. However, there are farms all over the country, as far east as Joensuu and as far north as Northern Ostrobothnia.

Chicken farms

Atria’s chicken chain includes around 90 family farms. The farms are located in Southern Ostrobothnia and the Tampere Region, close to the Nurmo and Sahalahti slaughterhouses.
Each farm has its own story, and the equipment and technologies may vary as well. Responsible operations are what they all have in common. This is evident in the fact that the daily chores are very similar on each farm, among other aspects. The chickens are taken care of in a jointly agreed-upon manner. This ensures a good life for the chickens and safe, tasty, high-quality products for consumers.

The parent stock of chickens is brought to Finland when the animals are one day old. Hens are reared until the age of around 18 weeks on farms that specialise in rearing chicks. After this, the birds are sent for egg-laying.

Cattle farms 

Atria has a total of almost 6,000 contract producers of beef all over Finland. There are farms as far south as Åland and as far north as Ivalo. We are the only meat company that procures meat from everywhere in the country. We promote beef production and rural diversity in everything we do. We offer our services to all farms equally and each producer receives the same price for the calves or slaughter animals that it sells, regardless of where in Finland it is located.

Beef is obtained from cows that are bred for dairy and meat. Although dairy-breed bulls are essentially a by-product of dairy production, they constitute a significant proportion of all Finnish beef. Four of every five slaughtered animals are dairy-breed, and more than one third of these are dairy cows, with the rest being bulls and heifers. The number of farms breeding beef breeds has steadily increased since 2000.


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