Delicious and Pure Meat

Delicious and Pure Meat

From Atria Family Farms

Controlled standards and quality

Product safety
In Finland, product safety is the responsibility of the entire chain of production, including growers, feed-producers, veterinarians, slaughterhouses, meat-producers, and logistics companies. All phases of production have an important role in the preparation of safe and tasty products. This is why Atria knows its entire production chain well.

Animal health
Finnish veterinary medicine is one of the highest standard in the world. Prevention is key to animals' good health. Proper living conditions, ample space, clean feed, solid breeding goals with a focus on good health, and daily checks give the animals a good foundation for a healthy, natural life. Preventive health care has helped Finland reach a situation wherein the animals are so healthy that there is very little need for medical treatment.

Unlike in many other EU countries, no medication is given routinely here. Finnish pigs have their tail intact: tail docking is not performed, and there is minimal tail-biting.

Further information:
Atria's Corporate Responsibility  Report 2017



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